All the necessary equipment for a perfect hygiene in a professional kitchen, and the complete equipment for changing rooms and sanitary facilities.000

Essential kitchen equipment for hand hygiene

A hygienic hand washing system must be in place and stocked by all food service professionals. It includes:

  • Non-manual control sink (foot, elbow, knee, detection cell...)
  • Bactericidal or non-bactericidal liquid soap dispenser (stocked)
  • Nail brush (permanently soaked in a disinfectant changed every day)
  • Single-use hand towels
  • Non-manual opening garbage can

It is the hands that are most often in contact with food. As such, special attention must be paid to their cleanliness and to the equipment available to operators to wash them.

It should be noted that hands, if they are not subjected to strict hygiene rules (rigorous washing...), are the first vector of contamination of food and all equipment coming into contact with them.

That's why we offer a full range of professional hand washing devices such as the stainless steel femoral hand wash, the stainless steel wall-mounted automatic soap dispenser, ...

Professional equipment to outfit locker rooms and restrooms

Your establishment must also offer a hand hygiene solution for your customers. That is why you will find the range of professional automatic soap dispensers to equip the sanitary facilities, then for drying, the professional electric hand dryers, or an alternative like the hand towel dispensers.

All the laundry equipment essential to the hospitality business

All the products offered are designed for the professionals of the CHR and have the necessary certifications in force in the EU. They are also of professional quality, often in stainless steel, for heavy traffic and intensive daily use. Find our professional quality stainless steel plungers, made of high quality AISI-304 stainless steel, our professional glasswashers and dishwashers..

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