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Professional vacuum machines

Professional vacuum machines are essential tools in the catering industry.

Designed with technological precision to preserve the freshness of food, they have become essential for establishments such as butchers, cheese shops, caterers, and delicatessens.

These machines extract air from specially designed bags, tightly sealing the food inside. This vacuum action helps prevent deterioration of food products by eliminating oxygen, the main cause of deterioration.

The advantages of professional vacuum machines are multiple:

  • Extended freshness retention: Food stays fresh longer, reducing food waste
  • Flavor Enhancement: The natural flavors of foods are preserved, resulting in more flavorful dishes
  • Increased texture and tenderness: Meats, vegetables and even fruits retain their original texture and tenderness
  • Efficient inventory management: Restaurants can prepare ingredients in advance and store them safely
  • Cost Reduction: Less food loss means substantial savings.

Professional vacuum machines are versatile and suitable for a wide variety of culinary applications, from preparing dishes sous vide at low temperatures for exceptional gastronomic results to preserving dry or liquid foods safely. In short, these revolutionary machines have transformed the way we approach food preparation and preservation in the world of professional gastronomy, providing chefs and cooks with a valuable palette of tools to create superior dishes while reducing food waste.

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